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More than a CAB extension - (requires VS Team edition)

Dec 25, 2007 at 1:24 AM
This is very impressive, and much more than I could write from scratch...
I was looking for some examples of applications using the original (Dec 2005) release of CAB, and was thus drawn by the title, but found it is more than this!!

Firstly it uses VS team edition, whereas I have only VS 2005 professional.
Furthermore I haven't got into Unit Tests, so of course the project would not load into V2005 prof without problems.

But I have succesfully got it to compile and work from VS2005 professional, and will be learng a lot from it.

It's good that all the dependencies are included as source within the projects. CAB, CompositeUI.WPF, EntLib3, and the SCSF Infrastructure modules, as that does make it easier , but however it doesn't need all the DLLs to be included as it makes it a big download.

So, if anyone wants a fixed up version, with the Unit Tests removed, that opens in VS2005 and works fine, post a comment here.

Happy Xmas!
And thanks again, as I think it is a very interesting project.

Aug 22, 2008 at 12:13 AM
HI John:
I am interested in the fixed up version that opens/work from VS2005 professional. Are you still willing to make it available?
Thanks a lot.