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The FormWorkspace is an alternative workspace to the WindowWorkspace which is shipped with the Composite UI Application Block. The original WindowWorkspace lacks of some important settings. Therefore the Smart Client Solution recipe of the Smart Client Software Factory (May 2007) creates a new WindowWorkspace class in the Infrastructure.Library. However the FormWorkspace adds even more settings which can be accessed by the FormSmartPartInfo. These Settings are:
  • Title, Icon
  • Location, Height and Width
  • ControlBox, MinimizeBox and MaximizeBox
  • ShowIcon, ShowInTaskBar and ShowModal
  • AcceptButton and CancelButton
The most important difference between the FormWorkspace and the WindowWorkspace is that the FormWorkspace docks the hosted SmartPart in "Fill" mode. Thus the hosted SmartPart gets always the complete size of the form.

Tip: It is common to show SmartParts in modal dialogs. The FormSmartPartInfo.CreateModalDialog(...) methods creates a SmartPartInfo with the predefined settings for a modal dialog.

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